Apr 13, 2009

Production System on Offshore Platform

Many permanent offshore platforms have full oil production facilities onboard. It is the facility which performs processing of production fluids from oil wells in order to separate out key components and prepare them for export. Typical production fluids are a mixture of various hydrocarbons and are valuable in this natural form.

The production systems consist of the following :

  • On-boarding System
  • Oil Production Separation/Dehydration
  • Oil Export Well Cleanup and Unloading
  • Gas Compression System (i.e. Surge, LP, MP and HP Compression System)
  • Gas Reinjection System
The on-boarding system is designed to receive subsea wells production from the Drill Centers. HP Separators are designed as two-phase separator to separate out gas and liquids of the well fluids for further gas and oil processing downstream.

Oil from the HP Separators will be routed to a series of vessels for stabilization and dehydration prior to export. The MP Separator is provided to remove gas and water from the crude oil. Separated crude is routed through the Oil Heater to enable the oil to achieve the required RVP, before being transferred to the LP Separator and then the Oil Treater for dehydration to meet 0.5 BS&W. The treated oil will be routed to the Surge Vessel, which is provided (as a buffer) to hold up surge volume for the Oil Booster and Export Pumps. Oil Booster Pumps will then boost the crude oil pressure for the dry oil from Surge Vessel to be transferred to the Crude Oil Export. Crude Oil Export Pumps are designed to deliver the dry metered oil to onshore during normal operations via pipeline or tanker.
Process Flow Diagram of Typical Platform Separation Process
The Well Cleanup Separator is provided to handle well unloading fluids and containing drilling and completion fluids with spent acids.
The stages of compression (i.e. Surge, LP, MP and HP Compression Systems) are to be provided to satisfy the demand of gas gathering from various separators, fuel supply to fuel consumers and gas reinjection.
The Gas Reinjection Manifold will gather gas discharges from HP Compression System for reinjecting back to the reservoir.

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